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Healthy Immune System

How to Strengthen our Immune System?


Immune system plays an important role in protecting our bodies from diseases and infections. Strong immunity lowers the chances of getting a disease, and even if you do, your symptoms are mild and you can recover quickly. On the other hand, weak immunity increases the risk of getting various diseases such as colds, flu, and cancer.

Here are some well known ways to improve your immune system. 

1. A balanced diet:

Eat high-quality protein foods (eggs, beans, etc.), which is one of the important nutrients to produce immune cells. It is good to eat carbohydrates rich in fiber and nutrients such as brown rice and whole grains, eat fresh fats that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and supplement vitamins and minerals with fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Sufficient Sleep:

Sleep is deeply related to immunity. Several studies have reported that a lack of sleep leads to a loss of immunity. Sleep deprivation reduces the number and function of NK cells, which play important roles in immunity, and also decreases the number of immune-acting CD4+ T cells. Sleeping is both a rest and a process that optimizes body homeostasis.

Let go of your TV, smartphone, and all kinds of worries and fall asleep in peace. Your body will truly recover.

3. Regular Exercise:

Stretching and exercising also help increase immunity. Deep breathing and relaxation of tension facilitate blood circulation, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is one of the autonomic nerves, and the parasympathetic nervous system stimulates the immune system. If you exercise too much all of a sudden, you should be careful because your immunity can decrease.


4. Stress Management:

When our body is exposed to stress, various stress hormones (cortisol, catecholamine, glucocorticoids, etc.) are produced, and all of these hormones adversely affect immunity. You cannot block stress, but you need to manage it such as relieving stress through healthy hobbies.

5. Quitting Smoking:

Smokers have a higher risk of respiratory infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, and influenza than non-smokers. Smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer. The chemicals in cigarette smoke weaken your immunity and increase your risk of getting various respiratory diseases. Smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer. Smoking can restore your immunity through smoking cessation.

6. Watching out your alcohol consumption:

Excessive drinking can increase the risk of infection and disease, so be careful.

7. Personal Hygiene Management:
Hands are body parts that come into contact with various germs. Bacteria in hands are transferred to eyes, nose, mouth, skin, etc. and cause diseases. They are transmitted to foods or objects that are touched and then transmitted to others. Just washing your hands has the effect of preventing various infectious diseases.


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