Dedicated to provide consumers with trustworthy
health supplements

Dedicated to provide consumers with trustworthy health supplements

Greenfullness Mission

Our Mission is to bring the best quality health supplement to your everyday life.

Through continuous research and efforts, we will be with you for your healthier life.

Why we started Greenfullness?

As there are so many products and information out there online and offline, it was a very challenging process to find the right products.

In product search process, we learned that ‘Right fit’ of the health supplements can only come from the verifiable ingredients and manufacturers’ obsessive dedication to the quality.

The manufacturer who truly put its customer first. Fortunately, we were able to identify those manufacturers with our team’s extensive experience in meeting with many manufacturers and conducting due diligence.

We share those products with our friends and family and want to
extend the benefit to the broader audiences.

Our Manufacturers


Nupharm (Nutriental Pharmacy) is a Korea based health supplement manufacturer. Its 25 years’ track record and verification from the regulatory standard of Korea and U.S. are one of the most important reasons why Greenfullness are comfortable to distribute and market Nupharm’s probiotics products.

Nupharm was founded in 1999 by Mr. In-Sang, Kim and has been supplying to many highly regarded brands in Korea, Japan and some emerging market countries. The company has won Korea’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificates and the manufacturing site is registered with U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Our Ingredients

Probiotics Strains

Nupharm only uses probiotics strains from Dupont Danisco. This is why Greenfullness distribute and market their probiotics products. Dupont Danisco is the global top 3 probiotic strain provider and has patents on a protectant mixture for use in preserving biological materials. If you look at our front page of the product box, you can find the patent number – WO 02/09515 A1 for the international patent and US 6,653,062 B1 for the U.S. patent)

Our Ingredients


Some fruits flavor we use for the products from Nupharm is manufactured by Nupharm itself by extracting flavors from fruits itself. The sweetness of the probiotics are the natural ones.