Red Ginseng Probiotics

Product Type: Red Ginseng Probiotics
Probiotics for Immune System
Red Ginseng Probiotics

Red Ginseng Probiotics

Red Ginseng Probiotics



Why Red Ginseng Probiotics

  • Korean red ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng, is highly regarded for its potential health benefits on the immune system.

  • We added 6-year old Korean red ginseng powder to our probiotics to help your immune system better.

  • This stick format can be one of the most convenient way to consume red ginseng and probiotics with good flavor.
  • We partner with one of the most highly regarded probiotics manufacturer from Korea, 'Nupharm', with more than 25 years' history. NuPharm also makes the red ginseng powder directly from the red ginseng roots.

  • Korea is one of the most advanced country and the competitive market in using probiotics supplement. Nupharm has established its name and trust in such a competitive market.

  • We bring the trust that Nupharm has built to our consumers' daily life.

Our Probiotics Strain

Key Ingredients
  • We use DANISCO's patented probiotics, which is top 3 global manufacturer of the probiotics strains.

  • Patent number is International Patent No. WO02/09515 A1 / United States Patent No. US 6,653,062 B1

  • Probiotics strain blend is consisted of the key major strains categories (called genus) - Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

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Other Ingredients

Key Ingredients
  • One stick contains 3 mg of Ginsenoside. Ginsenosides are a class of natural compound saponins found predominantly in the plant genus Panax, including the well-known species Panax Ginseng (commonly known as Korean ginseng)

  • One stick's total calorific value is 15 calories (vs. recommended daily 2,000 calories for adults on average)

  • The source of 15 calories are from other ingredients - Vegetable cream powder, Glucose, Mixed lactose, Xylitol, Fructo-oligosaccharide

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How to take it

Take it when you like
  • Generally, please take one stick at a time. Once or Twice a day.

  • Take Directly or with Water. Or you can mix with your salad.

  • Please store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight or moisture.
Frequently Asked Questions

Red Ginseng Probiotics

No. Refrigeration would be good but not necessary. Any place with cool temperature and dry condition would be sufficient.
Generally, as a health supplement, the Red Ginseng probiotics would be ok to consume with other supplements. However, please consult your doctors if you have a disease or take a medicine. In any abnormal cases, please stop eating and consult with doctors.
It is once or twice a day.
We typically assign the expiration date 1 year after the production. Do not take the expired products.
Again, please consult with your doctors if you have a disease or take a medicine. Any allergic reaction or abnormal cases, stop eating and consult with doctors. For children, please teach them the daily intake so that they don't eat recklessly. For those breastfeeding or during one's pregnancy, generally probiotics are considered safe for the healthy women. However, it is crucial to choose strains and products proven safe and effective. Please consult with doctors as needed.
100 million cfu. It may sound lower than other products. But our strains are patented one with improved livability while reaching your gut through stomach and small intestine.
1) Immunomodulatory Effects: Ginsenosides can modulate the immune system by enhancing the activity of certain types of immune cells and regulating the production of cytokines, which are critical for immune responses. 2) Antioxidant Properties: They help combat oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals, protecting cells from damage that can lead to chronic diseases. 3) Anti-inflammatory Effects: Ginsenosides can reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of inflammatory markers, offering potential benefits for conditions characterized by chronic inflammation.
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