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Probiotics 101

Who should avoid probiotics?

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Probiotics are not good for everyone. Here are some examples of the patients who should avoid probiotics.  

1. A patient with Crohn's disease and intestinal leakage syndrome

For patients with Crohn's disease and intestinal leakage syndrome, their intestinal membrane covering the intestinal wall have been weakened. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria, but they are a type of fungus that penetrates through the loose gaps in the intestine and travels to other organs such as blood vessels, which is rare, but can cause infectious diseases such as sepsis. Bacteremia occurs when bacteria penetrate the blood and circulate throughout the body, and sepsis occurs when an inflammatory reaction occurs.


2. A cancer patients and immunosuppressants

Patients with depressed immunity due to chemotherapy or taking immunosuppressants can suffer from bacterial infections such as bacteremia and sepsis if they consume lactobacilli. In particular, people who have inserted a tube (such as a central venous tube) through drug injection are at higher risk of development. Since probiotics are also bacteria, people with reduced immunity should be careful because excessive lactic acid bacteria in the body can act like ordinary bacteria and cause infection.


3.Patients with small intestinal bacterial hyperplasia (SIBO)

Most intestinal bacteria are in the large intestine. It is difficult for bacteria to survive in the small intestine, which has a lot of movement and active digestion,

If there are a lot of bacteria in the large intestine or the movement of the small intestine decreases, the small intestine bacteria that excessively multiply in the small intestine can also suffer from hyperplasia. At this time, if you take additional lactic acid bacteria, the lactic acid bacteria do not reach the large intestine, but remain in the small intestine, causing a large amount of gas metabolism, causing only abdominal distension to cause indigestion.


Probiotics can help improve intestinal health and immunity, but excessive intake can be a problem, so it is recommended to take an appropriate amount. The appropriate amount varies depending on the individual's health condition and constitution, so it is recommended to adjust your intake after consulting with a doctor or pharmacist.


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