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Benefit of Probiotics

Probiotics 101

Do we need Probiotics Supplement? Certainty Benefit.


Probiotics can be consumed in a variety of food forms, such as yogurt and some types of cheese and yogurt. These days with the increasing popularity of some fermented foods such as Kombucha, Kimchi etc. you can include probiotics in the daily diet.  However, in the case of food, if it is heated or stored for a long time, livability of probiotics strain cannot be guaranteed because probiotics are the live microbial organisms.

On the other hand, probiotics supplements are controlled in terms of number and safety so that consumers can be assured in the efficacy. Of course, what is important is to select high quality probiotics supplement that fits to you. 


Let's think about the benefit of the supplement in the perspective of regulation, which provides certainty benefit in our view. The regulation requires that the product label specify the minimum number of bacteria and the guaranteed number up to the expiration date. 

With this, consumers will be informed on the amount of probiotics they consume. While it is difficult to guarantee the exact amount of probiotics, the information on the safety and the livability to the intestine can be provided to the consumers in a more transparent manner.

You can find more information on the probiotics regulation in our other blog post (



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